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In our time as a business, ploughing has become one of our routine services. We’re skilled in cable installation, instilling micro-ducts for telecommunication systems, and cabling for power, water and communication purposes. Recently, we’ve been ‘stuck in’ with fibre optic cabling and cable installation for high speed internet providers. If you can cable it – chances are we’ve done it, and we can deliver quality ploughing and cabling services for you too.

We have the latest technology, systems and machinery to cable with efficiency, skill and cost effectiveness. Our technique means we can be quick, relatively non-invasive, and versatile in which projects we take on. We’ve been across multiple industries, and while the basis of what we do is unchanging, we also reap the benefits from understanding the nuances between power, water, and telecommunication systems.

If you have a project with ploughing or cabling needs, give us a call on 07 888 5724 to discuss your requirements and we’ll evaluate the project before coming back to you with our recommendations.

  • Cable installation
  • Micro-duct for telecommunications
  • Power, water and phone cabling

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