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Laser Drainage & Novaflo Trenching

There’s a lot that comes with moving water from A to B, and it can take precision, skill and heavy machinery to solve your drainage problems in a cost- effective way.

Don Griffiths has specialised in drainage solutions since its early days, and when it comes to drainage and drain laying, we really can do it all.

In finding a problem, we look to find the best way to solve it, with accuracy, discipline, innovation and experience.

Our team can work with a range of drainage and trenching techniques; mole ploughs, underground drainage systems, drain mapping, trench-less drilling and land recovering irrigation systems, providing cost-effective solutions for every project.

If you’re a contractor or farmer with a subsoil drainage problem, it might be time to get in touch with us on 07 888 5724 to talk about how we can help you out.

Our skills are unmatched in the Waikato BOP region, meaning we’re the preferred suppliers of the following drainage services for contractors and individuals in the region:

  • Subsoil drainage
  • Nova Flo drainage
  • Drainage/ trenching
  • Mole ploughing
  • Underground drain location
  • As-built drainage mapping
  • Trenchless drilling
  • Irrigation
  • Specialists in farm drainage
  • Laser Drainage
  • Side unloading gravel bin
  • Waikato, Bay of plenty, Auckland Region,


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